5 Maternity Skin Care Products Every Mum-to-be Will Love


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences of a woman’s life. The joy of seeing your baby grow day after day as you get closer to the due date is more special than anything words can ever describe. But there are a lot of things to pay attention to during these crucial nine months of your life, skin care being one of them.

For many pregnant women, looking after their skin can become a major challenge, especially since their body is constantly undergoing hormonal changes. On top of that, the stress of pregnancy may hinder a lot of women from taking good care of their skin. Most women are also skeptical about their safety when it comes to trying different products on the market.

If you fail in the latter category, don’t worry because we have listed some of the best-rated maternity skin care products, approved by dermatologists. When your skin glows during pregnancy, people tend to admire you and ask questions about your skincare routine. So give yourself some pampering during these nine months with these best skin care products that are totally pregnancy-safe.



BeeFriendly Face and Eye Cream

BeeFriendly Face and Eye Cream is an anti-aging and rejuvenating moisturizer formulated with organic ingredients that are safe for both, mamma and baby. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines while moisturizing the skin to give it a healthy glow. BeeFriendly cream repairs skin cells and can be used during the day as well as before bedtime.


Christina Moss Naturals Organic Facial Moisturizer

This all-natural skin care product is made from organic ingredients, safe for all skin types including pregnant women. This versatile anti-aging moisturizing cream can be used by both men and women. Its light-weight formula absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t make your face sticky or oily. People with sensitive skin will love it for its gentleness.


Belli Acne Control Spot Treatment

Acne tends to be a common side effect of pregnancy that most women suffer from. If you’re looking for an effective spot treatment, Belli Acne Treatment can help you in preventing breakouts and removing blemishes. This effective product is loved by dermatologists and recommended to women of all skin types, both, during and after pregnancy. The product is free of benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid, making it safe for you and your baby.


Mother’s Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil

Free of any artificial colors, preservatives, perfumes, and chemicals, Mother’s Special Blend is an ideal skin care product for pregnant and nursing women. It prevents stretch marks, evens out the skin tone by removing any discoloration and keeps your skin supple and smooth during and after pregnancy. The cream is rich in natural ingredients and perfect for massage.


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is non-irritating and mild in its formulation.  Gentle on a baby’s skin and recommended for everyday use. The cleanser preserves the skin and retains moisture. The product works on the face, body, and hands with or without the use of water.


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