Top 5 Best Maternity Scrubs Reviews 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Maternity is a joyful phase of one’s life. And if you are an expecting female medical professional, then the time can be challenging. Don’t let the work life kill the excitement of this blissful phase. With some investment in maternity essentials, you can stay stylish yet comfortable.

If you’ve just begun pregnancy shopping, buying the best maternity scrubs should mark your shopping ‘Day 1’.

So what is a maternity scrub?

A regular scrub is a sanitary garment that the surgeons, nurses, and physicians wear while interacting with patients. It is used while performing medical practices to keep the infectious substances away.

The complete outfit comprises a scrub top and a scrub pant. Both are easier to wash and are cheaper than regular clothes used in the medical industry.

Maternity scrub wear is a normal scrub customized for pregnant women. It covers the bump properly while keeping the expecting mom in comfort. An ideal maternity scrub should be stretchy and breathable so that the user is relaxed throughout the shift.

A pregnant woman should buy a maternity scrub by the start of the second trimester so that she can work without a glitch.

These outfits are essential and are generally provided by the hospitals. However, for expecting women, there are many options available online as well. Look out for these 5 top maternity scrubs accessible in the market right now!

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here’s our top 5 Maternity Scrubs picks in short:

Product Image

Product Name

Our Rating


Cherokee Workwear Women’s Maternity Scrub Top & Scrub Pant Set

5 out of 5



Cherokee Women’s Maternity Pull-On Knit Waist Pant

4.5 out of 5

Cherokee Women’s Maternity Mock Wrap Knit Panel Top

5 out of 5

Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Drawstring Yoga Scrub Pant

4.5 out of 4

UltraSoft Premium Scrub Top For Women

5 out of 5

Our Top 5 Best Maternity Scrubs Of 2018 Picks

1. Cherokee Workwear Women’s Maternity Scrub Top & Scrub Pant Set

This breathable and stretchy maternity scrub wear is made with 55% Cotton 42% Polyester and 3% Spandex. Available in three colors of black, navy blue, and pewter, the classic yet modern wearable has short sleeves.

The vented cuffs give an easy passage for air. The V-shaped neckline gives altogether a stylish look to the apparel. Don’t be uncomfortable in your usual scrubs anymore!

The waistband has an elastic and the t-shirt has side panels which make the expecting mom easy to work while supporting the growing belly. The empire waistline is high and is secured by an adjustable side tie drawstring.

The manufacturers put a good thought while designing the product since it has soft fleece on the panel which is super comforting for the baby bump. The garment material is cozy and pleasant, and the makers score full marks there.

The best part about this scrub is that it looks very professional. Since pockets are necessary for medical professionals to carry stuff when they are on a round, this suit takes care of that job. There are two front patched and double layered pockets on the top to help you carry the essentials.

Key Features:

  • Half Sleeves, Vented Cuffs.
  • Size – X Small to XXX Large.
  • Material – Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex.
  • Neckline – V-Shaped.
  • Pockets – 2 pockets on the top, 1 front pocket and 2 back pockets on the scrub pant.
  • Colors Available – Black, Pewter, Navy

2. Cherokee Women’s Maternity Pull-On Knit Waist Pant

In case you just want to buy a maternity pull-on waist pant, this product by Cherokee should be already in your cart. Made from a blend of spandex, cotton, and polyester, the waist pant by Cherokee will give you a soothing pregnancy with nothing to worry about.

There are many things to be tensed about for a working professional and an uneasy garment must be the last thing to bother over.

The stretchable tummy panel of this waist pant will ensure that your baby bump is comforted while you work around. Give a secure place for your baby to be! The maternity pant does not need to be hand-washed, no hassle for your hands; let them stay soft.

Wear the pant in style; the stretchable knit panels provide elasticity to give a compact and well-adjusted fit. The flare style of the pants will make you look sleek, stylish, and professional.

There are three pockets; one is a large cargo pocket and the other two are decent sized back pockets. Stuff your daily essentials in the pockets. And, you know the best part?

There’s no color restriction! Yes, you can buy these scrub pants and choose from about 8 colors. The colors available are black, navy blue, pewter, white, wine, ceil, grape, and hunter.

Key Features:

  • Pull on elastic waist pant.
  • Size – X Small to 3X.
  • Material – Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex.
  • Pockets – 1 front pocket on right leg and 2 back pockets.
  • Colors Available – Black, Pewter, Navy Blue, White, Wine, Ceil, Grape, Hunter

3. Cherokee Women’s Maternity Mock Wrap Knit Panel Top

The Cherokee range of maternity wear is carefully created for convenience and style. The maternity top is available in 14 colors. From solid to casual colors, the range can provide variety to your closet. This also implies added variety in your closet till your pregnancy ends!

The faux wrap design along the neckline is stylish and the adjustable drawstring provides the room for adjustments. There is a V-shaped neckline and half sleeves. The fabric is a soft cotton and polyester. The stretchable side panels allow room for growth during the pregnancy.

The front patch pockets find room for your daily essentials like the stethoscope, pocket diary, cell phone, wallet, etc. There are multiple pockets including the patch pocket, a pager pocket, and a hidden pocket. The collection is ‘Flexible Fit’.

This scrub top is a comfortable garment for wearing in the clinic and also at home. Leave the washing hassle for your machine; scrub top offers machine-wash.

The plus point of having this scrub top is that you can pair it up with a scrub pant or a comfortable trouser. Even after your pregnancy, you can use this scrub top for nursing at home since it is very comfortable.

While buying, order your pre-pregnancy size.

Key Features:

  • Faux Wrap Design, Adjustable drawstrings.
  • Size – X Small to 3X.
  • Material – Cotton and Polyester.
  • Neckline – Faux Wrap V neckline.
  • Pockets – Patch pocket, pager pocket, and hidden pocket.
  • Colors Available – Black, Pewter, Navy Blue, White, Wine, Ceil Blue, Grape, Hunter, Caribbean Blue, Chocolate, Royal Blue, Galaxy Blue, Tea Blue, Red

4. Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Drawstring Yoga Scrub Pant

During your pregnancy, you need to ensure that your body doesn’t become stiff and hey, yoga is an excellent way to warm up your body. Very evident, you need a non-restrictive and flattering yoga pants for the same.

The conception period teaches you a lot and buying the right scrub wear is certainly one of the things. So what could be better than purchasing a yoga pant which could also work as a scrub pant!

This yoga trouser by Grey’s Anatomy Active is made of flowing fabric and has a design to vouch for. Who said you couldn’t flatter your figure during your pregnancy! The straight leg design fits well and is stretchy at the same time.

In a whopping 25 color options, the brand makes products to suit every woman’s taste. There are neutral color options as well as bright pop colors, just so that you discover your best look. The fabric is made of polyester and rayon and has a fashionable tie to adjust the size.

There is a seam at the front of the legs which gives a unique appearance. There are two front and two back pockets to stack up your mobile phone, hair tie, car keys, and all the teeny weeny stuff that you don’t want to bother your hands with. The waist is elastic and tall so your bump is secure and the movement is non-hindered.

It is similar to wearing your comfy pajamas to work but just that they look like professional scrubs.

Key Features:

  • Flowing fabric, straight leg design.
  • Size – XX Small Tall to XXX Large.
  • Material – Rayon and Polyester.
  • Pockets – 2 side pockets and 2 back pockets.
  • Colors Available – Black, Bahama, Bloom, Cool Water, Coral Crush, French Blue, Granite, Indigo, Legend, Moonstruck, New Royal, Papaya, Romance, Scarlet Red, Steel, Sunshine, Tropic Jade, Currant, Honey Dew, Blueberry Pewter, White, Wine, Ceil Blue, Grape, Galaxy

5. UltraSoft Premium Scrub Top For Women

You must stay as active in your pregnancy as you always are; probably even more! To remain positive and free while doing daily chores, buying the clothes that give you comfort is inevitable. And hence, here’s another scrub top review to make your life easy.

Ultrasoft Scrubs is another such brand that has an active maternity line. This scrub top comes in 12 different shades to choose from, ranging from the bold black to the serene white. Different color also means you do not need to get a custom tailored scrub top in case there’s a dress code in your office.

Comfort is the key, and this top offers the same by not being too loose or baggy. There’s a button at the back that adjusts as per the size. The top is made of rayon and polyester. The material is soft and super smooth against the skin. Also, the top is durable and tear resistant.

Suitable to the nature of the job, the scrub top dries up quick in case of sudden slipping of liquid or in case it needs immediate washing. The form-fitting mock wrap design accentuates the figure and offers a flare design.

Pick up this beautiful design that gives an attractive fit and can be washed effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Super Smooth material.
  • Size – XXS to 2XL.
  • Material – Polyester and Rayon.
  • Pockets – 2 front pockets and 1 instrument pockets.
  • Colors Available – Black, Burgandy, Ceil Blue, Gray, Hunter, Navy, Orange, Purple, Royal Blue, Teal, Water Blue, White


Final Verdict:

This round up features one of the best maternity scrubs in the market right now. Online availability of these scrubs saves you the trouble of going to the market; something that brick mortar shops don’t offer.

You might have a good idea of your waistline, however always measure yourself before making the purchase. For good value for money, test the scrub before washing and removing the tag.

In case you want variety and like to mix and match the colors, pick the single scrub tops or the single pants that you can team up with different outfits. However, if you want a perfectly matching set, the scrub top set by Cherokee is the pick for carefree maternity days.

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