Financial Help for Single Moms to Raise Their Children

Many single moms face the problem of lack of sufficient cash inflow to raise their children. It becomes worse in the case of those single moms who wish to continue their own education.

The mother may want to pursue her studies in the university to obtain a degree. The financial burden becomes unbearable for her when added to the cost of raising the children and meeting the basic needs.

Fortunately, there are several schemes available in the United States to give financial help for single moms to raise their children, housing and other needs.

TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) is one of the many programs the Federal Government has to assist all needy single mothers. This program is especially designed for single mothers who have children under the age of nineteen.

This assistance is meant to meet the basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. This financial help for single moms is offered by the Department of Health and Human Services of the Federal Government.

The Individual Responsibility Plan (IRP) is a training program for single mothers. This program imparts training on how to become independent and take on the whole responsibilities of a single mother, like how to earn while raising the children, the children’s education and taking care of the household chores.

The duration of the training is sixty months. But the mothers are free to leave the course any time during this period when they are satisfied that they have acquired enough knowledge and experience to manage their own affairs.

The criterion for eligibility for this training is the gross income of the family of the single mother. The income must be below the Federal Poverty Level.

According To DamnTools The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has more than one plan to give financial help to single mothers. One is providing a decent home for every needy single mother.

The single mother becomes eligible for this scheme when her income falls below half of the median income of the locality. This financial assistance for single mothers is given by way of housing vouchers from the public housing agencies.

Education is an area in which the United States Government is doing a lot to give financial help for single mothers. Outright grants are given to such mothers to pursue their studies to any extend.

The Federal Pell Grant scheme envisages providing assistance to single mothers to obtain a university degree or more and thereby increasing their employment chances.

This financial assistance to the single mother leads to an increase in her income and that gives a better life for herself and the child. There are many more opportunities for the single mother who continues her studies.

Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant, the Academic Competitiveness Grant and the Single Mother Scholarship are only some of them. Many more scholarships are available for single mothers.

Any financial help received from Uncle Sam will allow you to divert your own funds for raising the children.

Leanda Bailey

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