Find Out Why These Celebrity Parents Sent Their Kids to Public Schools Despite Having So Much Money

Many celebrity parents tend to give everything extravagant to their kids – from their clothes to food, all things luxurious are afforded to them. However, there are some stars who want their children to experience leading a normal life.

A child’s lifestyle is no way a measurement of how their parents love them — case in point: not all celebrity moms and dads give everything to their offspring but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their kids. Just take a look at these doting mothers and fathers, who undeniably adore their youngsters but ended up sending them to public schools for varying reasons.

Madonna’s Daughter, Lourdes

Madonna is one of the most iconic singers that we have and with decades of career, it shouldn’t come as a shock that she has a massive net worth. However, her fortune isn’t a reason to send her daughter Lourdes abroad to study or to a private and expensive school in the United States.

In fact, Lourdes studied at a New York public school, La Guardia High School, which has earned the reputation of producing famous artists like Nicki Minaj and Timothee Chalamet. Madonna’s daughter absolutely loves the institution known for its performing arts as she penned a blog post solely dedicated to her adoration for it.

Steve Jobs’ Daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock Steve Jobs and his daughter Lisa had a very complicated relationship

Being one of the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs had all the money and influence when he was still alive and, well, even now that he has passed on. Although she attended private schools for most of her life, there came a point in her life when Lisa Brennan-Jobs went to Palo Alto High School. In fact, she went back there to promote her memoir ‘Small Fry’ in October 2018.

Pamela Anderson’s Sons, Brandon and Dylan

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock Pamela Anderson’s sons went to a Malibu public school

Despite being one of the most recognized faces in the industry, Pamela Anderson has sent her sons to a public school in Malibu. The actress has been very much involved in her children’s education, so much so that she volunteered as a math tutor at the said school. She also famously became a crossing guard at one point.

Paul McCartney’s Kids, Stella and James

Paul McCartney and wife Linda tried to give their kids a normal upbringing even though the patriarch is a member of The Beatles, one of the most influential bands ever known. They did this by sending James and Stella to Bexhill College to help them integrate.

GRIGORY GALANTNYY / Shutterstock Stella McCartney is a famous designer who has always praised public schools

Stella, who became a famous designer, has always been all praises about going to a public school, explaining how it was healthy for her to see how people really live in the world.


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