Health and Dental Care Insurance for Single Mom

Health and dental insurance is an absolute necessity. Usually men get their coverage through the employer. Often children’s coverage is included in their cover.

However if you are a single mom, or you and you husband chose to stay separate, ask for a dental insurance in the court. This can save thousands of dollars. This way you preserve a dental insurance for yourself and your children.

However if you do not have a health or a dental insurance you will have to figure out one for yourself and your children. Some of the health insurance options are:


In health maintenance organizations, require a hospital and one primary care doctor in their plan. For doctor’s visit, you will just have to pay $10 to $15. These plans are comparatively cheaper as compared to other plans in the market.


Preferred provider organizations offer huge range of options to select your doctor. They also offer you a choice whether or not you want to visit a specialist or you want to include some medical tests.

However, for this huge selection options you will have to pay higher premiums. Single moms who are financially doing well in their life can opt for this option.

Catastrophic coverage:

In this cover, you will have to pay less for premiums however there are high deductibles. This plan can help you during your bankruptcy.

For single moms who fall under low-income group and cannot afford health insurance can apply for SCHIP, State Children’s Health Insurance Programs or you can also ask for Medicaid assistance.

If you are earning less than $36,000, you can apply for SCHIP. In case of Medicaid, you can apply if you are earning less than $17,000 per year and you have a child who is less than 6 years of age. These plans are great for single moms.

There are some flexible spending plans, which are offered by employees. A set of amount is determined which you spend for your employer on his health care and dental insurances. This plan will save almost 15 to 35% of your income on braces, caps, laser eye, other medications etc.

The process of health insurance companies is similar to the credit reporting agencies. The medical information bureau collects the medical data’s. These data are sold to health, life and disability insurance companies.

Health saving Accounts

For self-employed single moms, HAS (health Saving Accounts) are the best option. In these plans high deductible, catastrophic health insurance and a tax, saving plan is combined.

All you have to do is to contribute tax-deductible income each year to HAS which will cover your medical bills. However if you do not utilize your funds these funds are accumulated.

This plan is good for those single moms and their families who are healthy and have enough money to cover the basic medical expenses.

If you and your child are in good health single, moms must go for large deductibles. However, it’s a gamble but it’s worth the risk. You can compare quotes of different tax-deductible plans online.

You can talk to customer care executives of different companies and even brokers. Do your homework well before you make any decision.

Leanda Bailey

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