Katy Perry’s Pregnancy Didn’t Go as Expected Because of One Unfortunate Event

Nobody is sure of what will happen in the future, leaving most of us anxious. The situation is scarier for expectant moms who are on an extraordinary journey, and yet, the coronavirus pandemic has made the experience more frightening than enjoyable – for Katy Perry, it’s alright to feel all sorts of emotions as she gets closer to her due date.

The 35-year-old recently checked on her fans via a Facebook Live and shared advice as well as her thoughts on what’s currently going on in the world. One viewer asked the ‘Dark Horse’ hitmaker how she is staying positive amid this outbreak.

The fan also revealed that just like the singer, she, too, had her wedding canceled because of the situation, and she’s finding it hard to remain optimistic. Katy assures her that it’s okay to have feelings of self-doubt and added that even she had to change her plans due to the ongoing pandemic.

Katy talked to her fans about the current situation

The soon-to-be mom further seemed unsure of whether she will hold a baby shower or a honeymoon, but she is taking things slowly, one day at a time. Despite the dire situation, Katy and her boyfriend Orlando Bloom are grateful for the blessing of starting a family. The couple is expecting their first bundle of joy, and this being the first time for the artist, it is only logical to feel scared and excited at the same time. However, it can also be extremely frustrating for her since their scheduled marriage, rumored to be in summer in Japan, was postponed as well.

The couple planned to tie the knot in Japan

The ‘California Girls’ singer debuted her baby bump on March 5 through the music video of her new hit ‘Never Worn White’ much to the delight of her supporters. Nearly a month later, she and Orlando announced that they were expecting a baby girl.

Katy reminded her fans that sometimes, you just have to face your feelings, and of late, she is doing that but still isn’t afraid to tell that to the world. The American Idol judge took to Twitter to speak about how she’s feeling at the height of this pandemic. The expectant hinted that she is battling depression during these strange times, prompting fans to send words of encouragement.

The celebrity announced her pregnancy on March 5

The musician had admitted that she is not used to staying home because she is a jet-setter. Having a fast-paced lifestyle has made it hard for her to stay put with her family at this time. However, the lockdown has helped her find the balance she will need when her child finally comes out.


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