Are Maternity Jeans Worth It?

Let’s face reality- pregnancy comes with a load of changes to your body. And one such change is increased waistline.

An expanding waistline directly translates to changing the clothes in your closet to match your current conditions.

Among these clothes, you'll need several pairs of the maternity jeans...

Never seen a maternity jean before?

Well, it’s nothing new; it's just a pair of pants just like your regular jean, with the exception that it comes with a wider and a large band that stretches as your bumpy continues growing. Meaning it will give you a stylish and cozy feeling.

However, before you go shopping for several pairs of maternity jeans to take you through your pregnancy period, let me educate you a few things about them…

What makes good maternity jeans?

They are all over the market- they come in different styles, sizes, design, prices, and so on. If you’re not careful, you might end up buying the wrong jeans and getting frustrations.

Luckily, I’ll give you some tips to help you select the best maternity jeans for you:

1. Look for maternity jeans with a larger band 

But why?

The bigger the band it comes with, the better it becomes (it offers you more wearing options).

Sometimes you’d want to smoothen up the shape of your belly under your shirts, and a pair of jeans with bigger band lets you wear them all the way up.

Also, towards the end of your pregnancy, you might feel the need to support and lift your belly. Again, jeans with bigger, stretch band will make this possible. They’ll fit properly and make you feel comfortable all through.

2. Durability

Remember you’re looking for maternity jeans that will take you through your pregnancy journey.

But if you make the mistake of picking a not so well designed product, it will end up developing holes or ripped pockets, and worst of all- split seams!

Always pay special attention to the material used as well as over stitching to ensure you invest in quality maternity jeans that will endure as many washings as possible and remain as good as new.

3. Lightweight design also matters.

The last thing a pregnant woman would want to wear is any clothing that makes her hotter than she already feels.

That’s why I’d advise you to keep off overly lined maternity jeans as they’ll make you feel too hot. Ensure the jeans you buy are light and made from comfortable materials- e.g. cotton or other synthetic blends.

4. Go for modern styles.

Being pregnant should not keep you from rocking in stylish clothes.

Many maternity jeans manufacturers know this very well and make a point of producing incredibly trendy and fashionable jeans.

Go for dark washes, bright colors, cool textures, and stitching techniques that help bring out modern shapes, silhouettes.

You’ll even find jeans that let you play around with hemlines; that is, they give you the flexibility and freedom to wear them rolled/cuffed up or down so that they can perfectly accommodate any shoes you wish to wear.

5. Try before you buy!

Keeping in mind that fitting widely varies from one style or design to the other, it would be good to take your time in the changing room looking for jeans that fit you well.

And if doing your shopping online, then you might want to stick to your favorite brands, so you know the size you pick will fit you well. Also, shop from brands that allow you to return jeans that don't fit you.

Bonus TIP: Get yourself at least 2-3 pairs

It’s true that some styles tend to fit better at different pregnancy stages. Thus, it’d be safe to buy the slim-fit, under the bump model to take you through your second trimester, and over-the-bump designs to wear when your bump is at its biggest.


Maternity jeans are a must-have item in the closet of pregnant moms. Unlike the regular jeans, they come with a unique design to make you feel cozy and stylish all through your pregnancy life.

NOTE: Once you get used to these clothes, you might want to wear them even after pregnancy.

Leanda Bailey

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