Medicaid for Single Moms

The biggest challenge for a single mom is to struggle through the financial turmoil in her life. Entire day she tries to keep both the ends meet. Most of the single moms fall under the low-income group.

Every day, she struggles to take care of food, clothing, shelter and day-care for her children.

According to statistics due to financial crunch, very less single moms go for health insurances or Medicaid. There are single moms who get coverage through their employees but fail to pay high premiums.

There are some poor single moms, which have no health cover for themselves and their families.

If you are looking for an option, which is easily available and cost effective, you must think of Medicaid. This is the most common health insurance by government. There are different kinds of state and federal aids, which depend on taxation, income and various other situations.

Qualifications for Medicaid

Each state is different and qualifies under different heads. The categories are determined by family size, poverty level, income and various other factors. All these variables changes with different states.

Every state’s Department of Health and Human Services keeps record of the details of the different variables and their qualifying category.

Through the applying category of all the states may vary from one another but it is a very simple and straightforward process. You can apply for Medicaid online. You can fax your details, mail them or hand over to the local office in person.

You must keep the proof of your income, a document mentioning the assets and expenditure, your health insurance coverage, social security number and proof of your citizenship and age. The document requirements may vary from state to state.

You must also look for various other options available. As a single mom, you can look for PPA. Prescription Assistance Program brings the nation doctors, health providers and pharmacist under one platform.

This way the qualifying patient can get his medical treatment wherever and whenever. Under this program, many single moms get aids in for of free medication.

There is another option called CHIPRA. There are many benefits, which children get, and parents do not. There are many state programs, which offer health care plans for children, who do not have any health plans or are impoverished.

CHIPRA or Children’s Health Program Re-Authorization Act provides relief for children and pregnant mothers. In case if you have doubts that you will not be able to qualify for Medicaid you must plan for CHIPRA. However, there is no guarantee of any eligibility.

Always make note of different health insurances and covers in the market. Always keep an option open. There can be plenty of options in the market, which will release the stress of single mom of financial burden.

There can be various clinics near you locality, offering you and your child, free medication and discounted treatments.

Single moms should be very serious about their Medicaid. They must ensure that she and her family are covered under a Medicaid. There are number of plans according to individual’s pocket, which should be availed especially by single moms.

Leanda Bailey

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