Pregnancy Pillow: Everything You Need To Know About It

Any pregnant mother who says she sleeps comfortably will be lying. This is especially true for moms whose pregnancies are in the final stages.

If you’re expectant mom and haven’t experienced this yet, trust me, a string of sleepless nights are coming. You’ll have a rough time identifying the best sleeping position without success.

Luckily, a maternity pillow can end your nightmares and make you spend more peaceful and comfortable nights.

So it’s that time you grab a pregnancy pillow!

But before you do that, let me walk you through a few things you need to know about the pillow.

Let’s begin:

Pregnancy pillow vs. Regular pillow

I know some of you might be asking this question: “why do I have to buy a pregnant pillow while I have a load of pillows in my house that I can use to sleep well?”

Don’t let your mind fool you…

A pregnancy pillow is unlike the regular one in that it has been designed to help support your pregnant body in such a manner that you feel comfortable when sleeping.

While a regular pillow might still give you some support, it won’t be as comfortable as maternity pillow. It will not readily conform to your new body shape. Besides, it has a habit of sliding around the bed as you turn yourself when sleeping.

Do you really need a pregnancy pillow? Let’s find this out next…

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Why do you need a pregnancy pillow?

The first time moms are hard to convince that they dearly need a maternity pillow.


Because sleeping isn’t a challenge during the first trimester. You don’t notice any discomforts while sleeping and you just enjoy your night as usual. And you start wondering… why the hell should I buy a pregnancy pillow?

Come the second trimester, and your belly has grown bigger. The extra weight added to your body gives you pains and discomforts. Sleeping becomes hard.

You can already feel the need to acquire anything that supports you better than your normal pillows and makes you feel comfortable.

This is where the maternity pillow comes into play. And these are the top benefits it will inject into your pregnancy life:

Feel The Relaxation

Many pillows come with different design and shapes to serve different purposes.

That being said, some models come with such a design that they can easily reduce the pressure on your neck and head. This helps minimize the tension in your neck and allow your head to align with your spine.

The result is a good night sleep!

Remembering maintaining a healthy body during pregnancy isn’t all about eating. Relaxing and enjoying a sound sleep matters too.

They take away your back pains

As you enter the final stages of pregnancy, backaches come with the ultimate force; they can be crippling!

I wish you could listen to the experienced moms telling tales of their awful experiences… it's really scary…I once heard a mother explain how she thought her back would break in the next second!

To make it even worse, you cannot take any painkiller as these might introduce chemicals into your body that will adversely affect your unborn.

The only thing that can save you at this time is a pregnancy pillow. It will help take the whole weight of your belly as you lay by your side. This way, they’ll easily take the pressure from your back that leads to these notorious pains.

Besides, these pillows can offer great help to mothers suffering from sciatic pains.

How about a pillow that cuddles you?

I can see you’re already smiling…because you no longer enjoy those cuddles from your partner. It’s not even possible in the first place.

Now a good pregnancy pillow will give you exactly what you’re looking for! Its unique shape will help you easily snuggle with it and allow you to adjust your weight to feel comfortable.

Don’t forget that it will also accommodate your full-grown bump and you can squish and manipulate it in any way you wish!

Post pregnancy benefits

Yes! These unique pillows aren’t useful for expectant moms only. If you’ve already delivered, it can help you assume a comfortable position as you breastfeed the newborn.

As your baby learns how to latch, the pillow can help make as many trials as possible (in as many positions as possible) until they master it.

What’s the best pillow for you?

Now that you already know why you need a maternity pillow, which pillow should you buy?

In this section, we’ll look at different types and pregnancy pillows and advise you on the style for you.

C-shaped pregnancy pillows

True to what you’re thinking, these pillows come with C-shape. This enables them to support your belly, head, and knees. It’s a full body pillow that cuddles you perfectly well all night long.

Because you wrap this pillow around your body, it isn’t recommended for moms who like sleeping on their backs or keep on changing sleeping positions.

U-shaped maternity pillows

Designed with an ergonomic U-shape, this pillow is great at offering you a great slumber throughout the night. Because of its versatile shape, it allows you to change positions as many times as you wish.

Unlike the earlier pillow, this one is perfect for women who like rotating their sleeping patterns throughout the night. No matter how many times you switch your sleeping position, you won’t have to re-adjust this pillow.

Wedge pregnancy pillows

Then we have the wedge which is also highly versatile. You can use it in as many positions as possible until you find a comfortable position. You can even opt to combine it with other maternity pillows for maximum comfort.

If you’re suffering from indigestion or heartburns (common in pregnant women), this pillow will be a perfect choice.

Plus if you’re on a budget, this is the pregnancy pillow for you as it hangs on the low-cost end.


Your sleeping life becomes rougher and tougher as your baby bump grows. You never enjoy sleep, as usual, no matter which position you sleep in.

Gladly, a pregnancy pillow provides you with support for your entire body, including the belly, helping you enjoy your nights of sleep again.

Pregnancy pillows come in different styles. These include the C-shape, U-shape, and Wedge pillows. The right style for you depends on your sleeping patterns.

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