Scholarship for Single Moms

Some scholarships are offered by the Federal Government and the state governments for single moms and the children raised by them. Details of some of the scholarships offered are given here.

You have to find out the most suitable one for you taking also into consideration the location of the university.

Raise the Nation
There are three types of scholarships under Raise the Nation program. Student Loan Repayment Grant under this program is given to single moms who fail to repay their student loans.

In return, these single moms have to do volunteer work in their community. The monthly volunteering is fixed at 8 hours. But the duration for the volunteering depends on the outstanding amount in the student loan. Those who already volunteer need not do any fresh volunteer work.

The second one under Raise the Nation program is Scholarship for Continuing Education. This scholarship is offered to single moms who wish to continue their schooling, but cannot do it because of scarcity of funds.

Scholarship for Continuing Education saves the single moms from taking out loans to pay tuition fee and finding difficulty in repaying the loan. This saves many a single mom from the debt trap.

The third of Raise the Nation program is the Child of a Single Parent Woman Scholarship. As is clear from the name, only the children of single moms are eligible for this scholarship.

Further conditions are that the child must be under the age of 24 and must be listed in the mom’s tax returns as dependent. Only the children who enroll for a post secondary course of study qualify for the Child of a Single Parent Woman Scholarship.

There is a onetime processing fee of $20 for each of the scholarships under Raise the Nation program.

Jeannette Rankin Foundation
This scholarship is available to all women, including single moms, over 35 years of age to continue education. The women who apply for this scholarship must be really in need of financial help.

Proof for that must be produced. Only those who are enrolled in approved colleges are eligible. Almost all the colleges recognized by the national accreditation authorities are in the approved list.

Women’s Opportunity Award
This scholarship is available to any woman who is in need for financial help to pursue studies or avail training to improve skills. This is given to women of some more countries outside the United States.

The eligible woman must be the primary bread winner of the family. She must be enrolled for an undergraduate program or vocational training. This scholarship is given to a woman only once. Like any other woman single moms are also eligible for this award.

There are many more scholarships available for women in general and single moms in particular. Some of the programs other than described above are The Assistance League Programs and Financial Aid for Women.

Find out the one most suited to you. If you have the determination to sharpen your skills, opportunities abound all around you.

Leanda Bailey

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