Shay Mitchell Talks about the Advantages of Rearing Her 7-Month-Old Daughter During the Pandemic

We are living in dark times and it can be extremely terrifying to raise a child during this pandemic. However, new mom Shay Mitchell, who welcomed her first bundle of joy in October last year, has shown that one way to adjust to the new norm is by finding encouragement among other parents.

The 33-year-old has slowly been adapting to the current global situation while rearing her child, Atlas Noa, whom she shares with Matte Babel. While FaceTiming her family and friends certainly helped her get through the hard times, she is making sure that other parents don’t feel alone at this trying moment.

This year marks the first time she will celebrate Mother’s Day as one and because of how things are at the moment, their plans would consist of doing everything at home. The You actress will cook and bake and bond with her daughter.

Instagram — The ‘You’ actress is spending time with her daughter

Also, Shay thought they could just do things a bit differently – perhaps a picnic in the front yard, she said. When asked what advice she could offer on how to commemorate the event dedicated to dearest moms, the star recommended a little something special, which you would have done if things were normal, but of course, with a little modification.

Parenting and Pandemic

Just like other parents in the world, Shay is also coping and trying her best to balance that and spending time with her child. If there’s a silver lining in the situation, it is that it forced her and her boyfriend to stay home and make memorable moments with their bundle of joy.

Instagram — Matte Babel and Shay welcomed Atlas in October

Before the Covid -19 outbreak erupted, the couple traveled a lot because of work and now, they remain cooped up in their house. Because they have a lot of time in their hands, they have sleep trained Atlas and began feeding her solid foods.

It’s not just about the training that the pair is celebrating, but also the milestones that they were able to witness because they are at their abode. The Pretty Little Liars actress admitted that this has been the most time she spent at their house in years.

YouTube — She underwent labor for 33 hours

Additionally, because of the situation, Shay is trying to create a balance between work and life. While she is getting the most out of the pandemic, it has not been perfect, she admitted.

There haven’t been any social interactions and they had not seen their families in person in what seemed like ages, this had been the challenge for Shay. Prior to the pandemonium, they planned a trip to Vancouver so that Atlas could see other relatives.


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