How Do You Know What Size Maternity Clothes To Buy?

There have never been confusing moments in women's life than trying to figure out the right size of clothes to wear during pregnancy.

This is a period characterized by a developing baby bump as well as growing body of the expectant mom.

The clothes you used to wear before no longer seem to fit you. And the ones fitting you will stop in a matter of months…

…meaning it’s time to buy new clothes to take you through your pregnancy period.

So, how do you estimate the right size of maternity clothes to ensure they make you look nice?

Let’s discuss this in details below:

Picking The Right Maternity Clothes Size:

  • Warning! Some moms make the mistake of thinking that they can buy larger sizes of non-maternity clothes as an alternative to maternity clothing. Don’t attempt this.

    You’ll be disappointed to find out that they don’t always tailor well with your bump, do not sit right, and are certainly not comfortable.

    On the other hand, maternity clothes have been specially designed to sit in the right places; they come with stretchy belly panels and lets you expand as you wish.

    With that in mind, let’s see how you can buy the right sizes of maternity clothes without struggles…

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When shopping maternity clothing, you should keep this rule of thumb in mind:

Rule of Thumb: maternity size works exactly the same way as your regular cloth sizing. That means, if your standard size is small, then you should go for a maternity cloth of the same size.

The same rule should apply to the numbered sizing. If you normally clad a number 8, look for maternity clothes with the same size.

What about pregnancy jeans?

A good question…

You might think that you’ll need a pair of jeans with a bigger waist size in this period.

Surprisingly, our rule of thumb above applies to jean sizing as well.

When shopping for jeans, pick one that comes with the same size as your normal wear. The only difference is that this time you’ll be buying pregnancy jeans.

If you wear a jeans numbered waist size 30 when not pregnant, wear pregnancy jeans with size 30.

You might argue that your waist is no longer size 30 when pregnant.

That’s true.

But remember the pregnancy clothes have been specially designed to make you feel comfortable in your condition and will have no fitting problems.

They come with extra fabric as well as other details (like stretchy belly panel, empire waistline, etc.) to ensure your comfort isn’t compromised

When Should You Shop For Your Maternity Clothes?

Another thing that gives pregnant women headaches is trying to figure out the right time to shop for their maternity clothes.

Of course, they tend to relate this to their pregnancy stage…

I’d advise you to go shopping in the early stages of your pregnancy, even if your belly hasn’t developed much.

If that’s the case, how would you settle on a cloth that will fit you well even in the later stages of your pregnancy?

Well, most stores have handy fake bellies that you strap around your body. This will help you easily settle on maternity clothes that will fit you even in your 7th, 8th, and 9th months of your pregnancy.

Final Word

Settling on the right maternity clothes size has always been confusing for expectant moms. However, after reading our ultimate guide above, you shouldn’t encounter any problems shopping for your maternity clothes.

As we’ve said above, you should always pick maternity clothes sizes that are similar to your pre-pregnancy clothes sizes. It’s that easy!

And never make a mistake of buying larger sizes of non-maternity clothes, thinking they’ll fit you. They’ll not fit you well and have no special designs to help support your growing bellow while offering you comfort.

And oh! It will be better if you could shop for your maternity clothes at the early stages of your pregnancy.

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