52 Stars Who Died Much Too Young

Death is a horrible affair. Death of those who are young can be even worse for obvious reasons. And when those who have so much talent end up dying both far too young and for seemingly unnecessary reasons, death turns truly tragic. Here we have 35 stars who fall into this last category. And we miss their music and movies still each and every day.

Jeremy Giambi

At the peak of his career, Jeremy Giambi was unplayable, hitting 52 home runs and 209 runs batted in throughout his time in baseball. The star played for four teams, including the Oakland Athletics, where he donned the jersey alongside his older brother Jason Giambi, achieving massive success wherever he went.

Sadly, Jeremy passed on in February 2022, when he was only 47 years old, leaving the whole sports franchise in shock and pain. Without a doubt, the athlete’s impact in ‘Major League Baseball’ will never be forgotten, and he will also be remembered as a multi-talented professional who was the subject of the ‘Moneyball’ film.

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