Incredible Celebrity Houses That Will Leave You Speechless!

When you belong to the world’s most rich & famous list you can afford to go all out on your dream home. Some of these celebs took it to the next level and some simply flew to outer space with their dreams. What do they all have in common other than huge bank accounts? None of them had to apply for a loan or ask for a mortgage and you can be sure that all of them have off the roof home insurances and top of the line home security systems.

Prepare to see the wildest celebrity homes as you’ve never seen them before…


Joe Exotic – Undisclosed, Wynnewood

Being an expert in wildlife was what shot Joe Exotic to fame. The viral documentary ‘Tiger King’ is centered around his life and gave him the spotlight that he enjoys.

Joe built himself a gorgeous home and extravagant zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, the same location as the zoo he managed. The residence, which is not the standard celebrity house, has spatial gardens and is a wooded refuge. The property was once a zoo, so it has plenty of open space and expansive grounds for owners to enjoy. Joe, however, is unable to savor his beloved land since he is facing terms behind bars.

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