Take a Look at the Incredible Net Worth of These Celebrities

One of the things that makes a lot of us want to become celebrities is the fact that it usually comes with a whole lot of money. Yep, celebs don’t seem to have the worries normal people do, like how to pay for electricity.

However, being a successful celebrity also means you need to work your way up against unbelievable odds. So, no wonder they can have an unbelievable fortune with careers such as this. Just check out this list to find out what it is they do, and what earned them their success.


Jeff Lowe- Between $5 Million to $10 Million

With a zoo in Oklahoma that is home to wild animals, as you may have already figured, Jeff Lowe isn’t your average celebrity with a couple of thousand extra dollars. Jeff is reported to have inherited $25K which he has since grown to millions. If only everyone that inherited money or property handled it similarly, the world would be a better place, wouldn’t you agree?

Lowe was featured on Netflix’s ‘Tiger King,’ which is said to have earned him a reasonable sum of money alongside the zoo he once owned. TV or no TV, you can tell this is one brilliant chap who knows how to make money.

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