Celebrity Couples Who Are Still Together & Keeping The Spark Alive !

As the years go by, it may seem that marriages and relationships, in general, just don’t seem to last. We are talking about both celebrity relationships, as well as, those between us regular folks. The pressure of living life under the spotlight is never easy and it’s part of the reason celebrity relationships often have a short lifespan. 

There are certainly exceptions, however, and a growing list of celebrity couples prove that relationships can work and they can last. Whether a wedding has taken place or not, there are a number of famous couples who serve as inspiration that all it takes to be successful in love is dedication and sticking by each other’s side.

Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman – 18 Months

It was all rosy when Zoe Kravitz got together with Karl Glusman in 2016. During that time, the news of their romantic relationship was rumored over the media with Kravitz later revealing in a 2018 interview that the two were engaged. The lovely couple tied the knot one year later in a not too lavish wedding in Paris, but their union turned out to be short-lived.

The ‘Big Little Lies’ star reportedly filed for divorce from her husband after just 18 months of them being together. While the reason for their separation is unknown, the possibility of their getting back together is not yet overruled.



Sam Elliott & Katharine Ross – 36 Years

Sam Elliot and Katharine Ross got hitched 35 years ago after a movie brought them together. Elliott featured in The Legacy, a 1984 film, and Ross was part of the staff at a restaurant that served as one of the filming locations. 

They now have a daughter who is also a star in her own right. Her name is Cleo Rose Elliot, a name to watch in the music industry. Elliot is still toiling hard in the film industry with incredible projects including the TV series The Ranch, A Star Is Born, and Mur*** in Texas.


John Travolta & Kelly Preston – 32 Years

John Travolta acquired his A-list status from his starring roles in the ‘70s flicks like Grease and Saturday Night Fever. He met Kelly Preston while filming the 1987 movie, The Experts, and they married in 1991. The couple has now spent 28 years married and a total of 32 years together.

They have three children but they lost their firstborn in 2009 from a seizure, speculated to have been linked to autism. Travolta and Preston are known to be open about their struggles and they shared that therapy has been vital in the growth of their marriage through difficult times.


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